Early Years Foundation Scheme - You and Your Child

You and Your Child

Your child is the best form of communication, even before they can talk. They can help you make your own assessment of how well we at Beanstalk are delivering against your expectations.

Through our own experiences as parents, who have used childcare throughout our working lives, we understand exactly the expectations and concerns you have when leaving your child in the care of others.

Peace of Mind
It is really important that you become very comfortable with the team, the facilities and the daily programme on offer. We strongly encourage you to spend time with us so that we can explore your individual requirements and provide answers to any concerns you may have.

Flexible Care
With flexibility in mind we are able to provide childcare for 12 hours per day, 5 days per week. We can meet your particlar requirements through tailored programmes of care. If you subscribe to this service you can avoid any worry about running late or needing to get to an early meeting.

We will provide an easy and seamless approach to keeping you involved in daily progress and future plans. However, you are in control of what you need to know; the team can design a communication plan that suits you. Your feedback is key.

Your Child
Beanstalk in Didcot will help your child grow into a confident and happy individual.

Happy and Positive
Your child can integrate into nursery life at their own pace, making a contribution to the day's activities with confidence whilst having fun and remaining happy as they interact with other children and carers.

Safe and Secure
There are many levels of safety and at Beanstalk we put a lot of emphasis on providing a sense of security that allows your child to quickly feel safe in what should feel like an extension to their home. We have also invested in a complete refurbishment of our lovely old building with safety in mind.

Stimulative Environment
Beanstalk Day Nursery is extremely well placed within a woodland setting that provides a window on the countryside and all its wonders.

Beanstalk Nursery & Day Care - Child Playing

We have safe access to wonderful strolls which are used to stimulate discussion and learning. The Beanstalk garden is designed to facilitate all forms of outside play.